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at Pharmaceutical Industry Conferences

Dilemmas in Early Access Programmmes

IQPC Conference ’Early and Managed Access Programmes’

22. - 24. October 2016, London/UK

Building Long-Term Sustainability of Clinical Research Networks and Registries

Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases Global Congress 2015 Europe

29.06. - 01.07.2015, London/UK

Running efficient patient registries

2nd Annual Optimising Orphan Drug Development

19.01. - 20.01.2012, Lyon/France

Working with stakeholders to build patient registries

World Orphan Drug Summit

31.05. – 01.06.2011, Frankfurt/Germany

Continued clinical development and risk management in the post-approval phase

SMI Paediatric Clinical Trials Conference

25.01. - 26.01.2010, London/UK

Challenges in Clinical Trials on Rare Congenital Disorders

SMI’s 3rd Annual Conference on Paediatric Clinical Trials

19.01. – 20.01.2009, London/UK

Case study: Conducting Trials for Orphan Indications

Jacob Fleming Conferences: 4th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials,

13.10. - 15.10.2008, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Collecting the data: how does your choice of data capture quality?

NextLevel Conference on Enhancing Observational Research to Demonstrate Drug Safety, Effectiveness and Quality

23.10. - 24.10.2007, Vienna/Austria

Addressing the Challenge of Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials in Children with Rare Diseases: Informa Life Sciences Conference on Optimizing Paediatric Drug Development

13.06.2007, Madrid/Spain

Conducting Paediatric Clinical Trials for Rare Diseases

SMI Conference on Paediatric Clinical Trials

24.01.2007, London/UK

Patient Recruitment: Ensuring Maximum Participation

SMI Conference on Conducting Clinical Trials in Europe

25.10.2006, London/UK

Opportunities and Challenges of Post-Approval Study Programs for Risk Management

IIR Risk Management and Clinical Safety Conference 

28.02.2006, London/UK

Investigator-Initiated Trials and the European Clinical Trials Directive: what are the implications for the relationship between industry and academy?

SMI Conference on Conducting Clinical Trials in Europe

26.10. - 27.10.2005, London/UK

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